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1. LFI/directory traversal in REQUEST_URI
(Matching tags: RSFirewall,REQUEST_URI,LFI,issue,feeze,403,troubleshooting,joomla,videowhisper,fix,component,request,forbidden)
VideoWhisper components are affected by other components and plugins that alter its requests responses and urls. Behaviour for users: Application freezes on login screen after checking license. This issue ...
2. Custom Layout for Video Consultation Rooms
(Matching tags: videowhisper,joomla,custom,tweak,setup,video consultation,elearning,configure,layout,resize,customize,size,panel,position,drag)
... this message with the chat panel: /videowhisper layout An alert panel will show with a text code that contains the panel properties (positions and sizes). Just copy this code and paste it as the layout ...
3. Video Conference on Joomla remote site, FMS local setup
(Matching tags: fms,videowhisper,video,chat,joomla,software,component,conference,flash,development,streaming,fmis,script,media,interactive,server,test,localhost,personal computer,desktop,host,yourself,forum)
This is a tutorial originally posted on by Matthew Joy for running video conferences using ...
4. Video Communications Admin for VideoWhisper
(Matching tags: videowhisper,video,chat,software,streaming,live,broadcast,admin,webmaster,tool,administrator,moderator,communications,script,identify,spy,watch,disconnect,kick,ban)
VideoWhisper Admin interface provides admin features for all VideoWhisper applications. It allows site webmasters to connect to the rtmp application and provide administrative functionality. Features ...
5. VideoWhisper and SEO Components
(Matching tags: videowhisper,joomla,component,free,copyright notice,remove,link,footer,patch,tweak,output,fix,artio,sef,seo)
Components that alter all pages and outputs cause real trouble with this application. The Videowhisper components use format=raw requests to exchange data between flash and the php scripts. These use strict ...
6. VideoWhisper Video Conference Released
(Matching tags: videowhisper,video chat,video,chat,joomla,software,webcam,released,2009)
VideoWhisper Video Conference is a software package that can be installed on websites to provide a fast, easy to use, 100% online video conference environment. It allows viewing and hearing up to 3 other ...
7. Conference Software Improvements
(Matching tags: as3,videowhisper,file sharing,joomla,software,conference,emoticons,rooms,custom,mysql,php,xml)
Custom flash chat emoticons Custom emoticons can be used with the Video Conference software. Emotes are now loaded from emoticons/emoticons.xml list and displayed for selection inside ...
8. VideoWhisper Conference : Joomla Component Edition
(Matching tags: videowhisper,video chat,chat,joomla,software,component,mvc,joomla 1.5,extension,native,conference,flash,red5,module,script,media,server,instant)
The VideoWhisper Conference : Joomla Component Edition is ready. You can test it by registering an account on this website. When you log in, a Video Conference menu will show up in the main menu (on the ...
9. Video Chat Software
(Matching tags: as3,fms,videowhisper,fmis3,windows,file sharing,private chat,ghost detection,video chat,software,bandwidth detection,flash) provides an advanced video chat system using most recent technologies AS3 + Flash Media Interactive Server 3. ┬áInterface features: Interface panels can be moved and resized by user Multiple ...

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