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1. Custom Layout for Video Consultation Rooms
(Matching tags: videowhisper,joomla,custom,tweak,setup,video consultation,elearning,configure,layout,resize,customize,size,panel,position,drag)
With the recent Video Consultation update, custom start layouts can easily be created and configured. To create a new layout, first enter a room and move + resize the panels as you desire. Then send ...
2. Webcam in Flash Troubleshooting
(Matching tags: cam,error,view,select,device,driver,not working,pro,air,macbook,problem,troubleshooting,setup,fix,webcam,flash,video chat)
On some systems there are multiple devices registered as video inputs. Sometimes flash selects something else than your webcam (DV Video, Firewire Video, TV Tunner...). All you have to do is to select ...

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