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LFI/directory traversal in REQUEST_URI PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 15 December 2012 21:09

Tags: 403 | component | feeze | fix | forbidden | issue | joomla | LFI | request | REQUEST_URI | RSFirewall | troubleshooting | videowhisper

VideoWhisper components are affected by other components and plugins that alter its requests responses and urls.

Behaviour for users: Application freezes on login screen after checking license.

This issue occurs when calling certain requests like ones to login scripts, needed by applications and can be detected in Firefox with Firebug > NET panel or Chrome > Tools > Developer Tools > Network (error request shows in red):

403: Access Forbidden

LFI/directory traversal in REQUEST_URI

You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.

This is an issue apparently related to RSFirewall   - you need to disable or configure it:

Admin Panel -> RSFirewall -> Firewall Configuration -> Skip the following components when verifying for PHP injections

Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 October 2013 13:53 )
Tweak Layout in VideoWhisper Joomla Live Streaming Component PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 08 October 2012 15:41

Parameters are returned in models/flash.php from :

        return "firstParameter=fix&server=$rtmp_server&serverAMF=$serverAMF&tokenKey=VideoWhisper&serverProxy=best&serverRTMFP=$rtmfp_server&p2pGroup=VideoWhisper&enableRTMP=$supportRTMP&disableBandwidthDetection=$disableUploadDetect ion&enableP2P=0&supportRTMP=$supportRTMP&supportP2P=$supportP2P&alwaysRTMP=$alwaysRTMP&alwaysP2P=0&room=$username&welcome=$welcome_broadcasters&username=$username&webserver=&msg=$message&loggedin=$loggedin&am p;imagecode=$imagecode&linkcode=$linkcode&embedcode=$embedcode&embedvcode=$embedvcode&showTimer=$showTimerBroadcast&showCredit=$showTimerBroadcast&disconnectOnTimeout=0&camWidth=320&camHeight=240&camFPS=15&videoC odec=$videoCodec&codecProfile=$codecProfile&codecLevel=$codecLevel&soundCodec=$soundCodec&soundQuality=$soundQuality&micRate=$micRate&camBandwidth=$bandwidth&showCamSettings=1&advancedCamSettings=1&camMaxBandwidth=$m axbandwidth&bufferLive=1&bufferFull=1&configureSource=$configureSource&generateSnapshots=$generateSnapshots&snapshotsTime=$snapshotsTime&noEmbeds=$noEmbeds&loadstatus=1";

Add this code before:
//layout obtained by sending in public chat box "/videowhisper layout"; fill in new line between layoutEND markers
id=0&label=Webcam&x=10&y=40&width=242&height=235&resize=true&move=true; id=1&label=Chat&x=260&y=40&width=340&height=235&resize=true&move=true; id=2&label=Users&x=610&y=40&width=180&height=235&resize=true&move=true


Then include new parameter
return "firstParameter=fix&layoutCode=$layoutCode&server....

Future updates will probably include tweaking options in Joomla backend parameters.

Joomla Chatroulette Clone Alternative Component PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 17:34

 Joomla Chatroulette Clone component for joomla allows easy setup of the P2P Random Video Chat Roulette script on joomla sites.

Joomla Chatroulette Clone

You can test it right on the Video Chat Software joomla community website. Look for Video Chat Roulette.

This is not an identical chatroulette copy: Being based on 2 Way Video Chat - a professional 1 on 1 p2p/rtmp webcam chat solution, there are some important functional improvements compared to standard ChatRoulette clones and alternatives.

There is also a turnkey chatroulette script that works without joomla.


Compare: Why is this component better than regular chatroulette clone scripts?
  • When direct P2P connection is not possible due to user network/firewall settings the streaming is done trough a flash media server. The site is available to users that can't connect on standard chat roulette sites because of their firewalls or internet providers.
  • Big webcam panels on top of layout, because picture is what's important on a webcam chat site.
  • Many chat roulette clones don't currently work fine and will never work on active production sites because of amateur developers. VideoWhisper is dedicated to developing and improving video communication projects, as it can be seen on this website. This means real support and further development from experts in this type of software.
  • All chat roulette clones are based on Adobe Stratus, a free developer service which does not support big commercial projects - meaning most sites will not be able to generate direct revenue. Because the chat application implemented here also works with multiple popular RTMP servers, your site will function even if it turns into a big money generating commercial business and no RTMFP server will be available at that moment.


Working around the 10.7 Lion Flash Player settings bug PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 00:19
VideoWhisper and sh404SEF PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 17:24

Tags: component | error | fix | flash | joomla | seo | sh404sef | troubleshoting

VideoWhisper flash based components load resources like skins and sounds from external files. Also it communicates parameters with scripts and any other additions to these scripts can break the output and corrupt data.

Some Joomla SEO components alter paths disabling access to these resources and also add content to script output breaking parameters.

To run VideoWhisper components with sh404SEF you'll need to disable it for these components.

To do this just go to sh404SEF Configuration > By Component and disable all options with :

  • Leave as non-sef
  • Skip
  • Do not translate
  • Do not insert code
  • Use Joomla router.php

Find that section in:

Components > sh404SEF  

Control Panel > Configuration > sh404SEF Configuration

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 April 2014 09:03 )
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